Our Services

Implementation and Customization

For products that require extensive implementation and customization including MediTibb HIS, we work with our clients to customize the solution to their specific needs and accommodate their workflows. This includes integration with MediTibb ERP, setup their products and services as well as integration with lab devices and PACS.


We are working on adding more modules and features to all of our MediTibb products. Please contact us if you have specific requirements or needs or would like to develop a new modules or feature.

Training and Support

Depending on the MediTibb product of choice, we provide comprehensive support services to support our clients. Support modalities include:

  1. On-premise support by our support teams and partners in various countries.
  2. Remote access support.
  3. Chat support.
  4. Email support.
  5. Phone support.
  6. Training videos.