MediTibb, LLC is a US-based company that is focused on providing healthcare solutions. MediTibb Healthcare offers a suite of healthcare solutions that target a wide spectrum of healthcare service providers and recipients.

Our vision is to be a global leader in healthcare solutions delivery and we achieve this vision by innovating new technologies that are cost-effective, functional and robust. We are uniquely positioned to do this because we provide solutions that cater to all segments of the healthcare sector ranging from hospitals, specialty clinics, solo practices as well as patients. Our solutions address the full clinical and financial workflow cycles and allow decision-makers make sound decisions.Most importantly,it allows patients to have easy access and full control of their own medical data wherever and whenever they need.

Our team has a long experience in developing innovative healthcare solutions. We also provide top-notch product support using various support modalities. MediTibb is privately owned, funded and operated.

Our Passionate Team

Issa Eways
Issa EwaysCEO, Founder and Visionary
To achieve, you need to visualize things that are not there and devise a plan to implement them. This is what makes you stand apart. Putting all the pieces together is a natural talent and passion that allows you to Conceptualize, Visualize and Implement.
Absame Ali
Absame AliVP, Finance
Successful strategic business and financial planning requires extensive knowledge and experience in starting and running businesses. Some have it and it comes natural. Managing growth and allocating the resources to make things happen is a talent.
Ahmad Jarrar
Ahmad JarrarTeam Leader and Project Manager
Resourcefulness and maximum drive achieve optimal results. Setting objectives and determining the right courses of action to achieve results need determination, hard work and serious project management. This is us.