Intelligent Hospital Information System

MediTibb HIS is an integrated Hospital Information System that caters to small, medium and large hospitals. It is modular and scalable and can be customized to fit the needs of any health institution.

MediTibb HIS  is web-based and accessible from any Internet connection and a web browser. The system runs on Tablets PCs, Smart phones and mobile devices. MediTibb HIS caters to all segments of the healthcare industry ranging from Hospitals, labs, Diagnostic Radiology Centers, Outpatient Clinics, Inpatient admission, Nursing and Wards, Operating Theaters, Pharmacies and Blood banks.

MediTibb HIS  seamlessly integrates with MediTibbERP that manages Sales, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory and Stock Control as well as Purchasing and General Ledger.

MediTibb HIS manages all aspects of healthcare institutions including:

  1. Patient Administration
  2. Patient Care
  3. Clinical Support
  4. Financial and Business Support
  5. Insurance claims and Revenue cycle Management

MediTibb HIS   also integrates with MediTibb BI (Business Intelligence Dashboard and Decision Support System) which enables decision makers at the highest level make better decisions.

MediTibb HIS   also supports Telemedicine workflows between doctors and patients, Integration with wearable devices, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud radiology PACS and Cloud Lab devices.

MediTibb HIS General Features

MediTibb HIS addresses the entire workflow cycles of small, mid-size and large-size hospitals. It is:

  • GUI-based and user friendly
  • Highly versatile and robust
  • Completely web based HIMS ERP solution
  • 100% paperless
  • Modular and scalable
  • Seamless integration of modules
  • Multi-level security
  • 128-bit web encryption
  • Easily customizeable
  • Data consistency
  • Role-based user access
  • Instant database back-up
  • Powerful audit trail log tracks all entries into the system
  • Can be hosted on a high-speed dedicated Web Server in a secure environment
  • Works on all hardware platforms
  • Compatible with all web-browses
  • PACS integration and compatible with DICOM (Digital Imaging And Communications in Medicine)
  • Works on handheld and mobile devices
  • Supports short messaging and instant emailing service
  • Supports bar codes, digital signatures, biometrics, and RFID compatible devices
  • Supports smart cards

MediTibb HIS Functional Features

  • Complete Electronic Medical Records (EMR) available online and accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Patients can be registered from any remote location
  • Doctors can access the EMR charts of patients from anywhere and anytime
  • Single window view for Patient Billing, Collection, Discharge Detail, Patient Medical History, Clinical notes, Operating Theater details, etc.
  • General and standardized health packages for OPD & IPD Patients.
  • Multiple store accounting
  • Easy query handling for instant decision of bed allocation for patients, as well as request for the Bed Transfers
  • Powerful and effective search facility
  • Built-in work flow management for all functional areas
  • Powerful Management Information System (MIS) with graphical presentation
  • Comprehensive performance reports
  • Interface with various laboratory equipment for data capturing
  • HIPAA, HL7 and SNOMED CT compliant
  • ICD (International Classification of Diseases) and CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) compliant

MediTibb HIS Technical Features

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Software deployed only on server
  • New changes implementation required only on server
  • Multiple branches can be accessed using a web browser
  • Instantly manageable by remote support which can be provided 24*7
  • Remotely upgradeable via Internet
  • Integration of all departments of hospitals and chain of Hospitals/Branches
  • Branches can be managed from one location


MediTibb HIS Clinical ERP

  • Patient Record Management / Patient Master Index (PMI)
  • Centralized Patient Dashboard (All Diagnoses, Services, Prescriptions and Notes)
  • Bar-coding and Wristbands
  • Encounters’ list
  • Scheduling and Appointments
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • ICD-10 diagnosis
  • Prescriptions and Services Management
  • Vitals, Measurements and Patient Charting
  • Comprehensive Patient Notes
  • Diagnostic Related Groups (DRG)
  • Outpatient Clinics / Departments
  • Customizeable Departments Forms
  • Inpatient Admission
  • Wards Management including Room and Bed Management
  • Nurses Management
  • Laboratory Information System
  • Radiology Information System
  • HL7 and PACS API plugins
  • Operating Theater including Materials Management
  • Pharmacies
  • Staff Directory
  • Staff Technical Support
  • Personnel Management
  • Medical Documents and Archiving
  • Medical Depot and Fixed Assets
  • Insurance Management and Insurance Billing
  • Comprehensive Billing
  • Reporting and Management Information System
  • System Admin, User Roles and Permissions
  • News Management
  • Immunization and Vitals Calculators

MediTibb ERP (Financial Modules)

  • ERP Sales
  • ERP Accounts Receivable
  • ERP Accounts Payable
  • ERP Inventory and Stock Management
  • ERP Manufacturing and Bill of Material (BOM)
  • ERP General Ledger
  • ERP Payroll
  • CRM

MediTibb BI

  • Full clinical and financial Business Intelligence